The Effect Work Autonomy, Feedback, Responsibility, and Work Knowledge on the Work Motivation of Employees at Batam University with Partial Least Square (PLS)

  • Jemmy Rumengan, Arman Syarif, Angelina E Rumengan, M. Tommy Arby Rumengan Chablullah Wibisono


In this study, researchers used respondent data, such as gender, age, and duration of work of respondents to be able to provide information about the characteristics of respondents. The population of this study is the employees at the University of Batam, which consists of lecturers and educational staff, such as staff/employees. The sample is determined by the number of sample members (sample size) of 50 people with a proportional random sampling technique. Thirty lecturers and 20 employees. The calculation of the path coefficient in this study was assisted by Smart PLS Ver 3.0. To find out direct and indirect interactions between variables, it can be seen from the calculation of the path coefficients and to determine significance.