Application Of Digital Signature To Increase Investment In Indonesia

  • Firman Freaddy Busroh, Fatria Khairo, Jauhariah


One investment problem in Indonesia is the complexity of managing procedures for investment. So many licenses and signatures are required by the authorities with the necessity to be done in person or face to face. Although many policy packages and deregulation efforts for investment acceleration have been made, implementation of policies in the field is still weak and has not yet fully adopted the digital system in investment management services. The study aims to analyze how to optimizing the digital signature in improving the investment climate in Indonesia. The study used method normative juridical research method or library research is to examine a legal problem and make the settlement through the legislation in Indonesia. The results showed that the adoption of digital signatures is expected to optimize the investment climate in Indonesia, especially related to regulations, making it easier for investors to develop their investments in Indonesia.