Effect of Technology Development on Social Change and Tech-Driven Fraud in Indonesia

  • Agus Budijarto, Hartiwiningsih., Emmy Latifah


Technological developments affect people's behavior that drives social change. This change has broad aspects, including those relating to values, norms, behavior, social organization, social layer, power, authority and social interaction. The development of technology that is used poorly can have an impact on the development of criminal acts in Indonesia, including crimes committed in cyberspace (cyber crime), skimming namely theft of credit or debit card information, trafficking in persons, narcotics. The shift in the form of changes in people's behavior, must be balanced with adjustments to regulations and strict legal sanctions with the aim of maintaining orderly behavior of the community. The Indonesian government has issued several laws and collaborated with countries at the ASEAN regional level and globally to tackle criminal acts that arise as a result of technological developments