National Long-Term Development Plans As A New Guideline of State Policies And Economic Development

  • Sri Suatmiati, Marshaal N. G, Nursimah., Mona Wulandari


This paper highlights changes in governance and management in the formation of state policies and national economic development in the contemporary Indonesian constitutional system. With the Amendment to the 1945 Constitution, the MPR has the first three authorities, namely to establish a Constitution, second, to appoint the President, second, to change the Constitution. The problem arose when there was an attempt to revive the country's large guideline which was the basic guideline of development in the New Order (1966-1998) which was reappeared by the MPR. Along with changes in the constitutional design of the country, this paper highlights the dimensions of medium and long-term development plans as an effort by the government, and the legislature to make basic national development policies, which are considered more in line with the balance of power between the executive and judiciary adopted by contemporary Indonesian government.