The Effect Of Financial Award On Student Interests In Choosing Career To Be Public Accountant

  • Meiryani, Dinda Ainy Bening, Dianka Wahyuningtias, Maryani


Financial compensation is compensation in the form of money given to employees for compensation that has been done. Data collection using a questionnaire. Accounting student interest in a career as an accountant publicly shows a student's interest and desire to decide to go through his career as a public accountant. The public accounting profession is seen as providing opportunities and opportunities to get invaluable intellectual challenges and learning experiences. This research aims to analyze at the effect of financial awards on student interest in choosing careers to become a public accountant. The research method used is quantitative with data analysis using SEM (Structural Equation Modeling) or structural equation models with the Lisrel program). The results show that there is a positive influence of financial rewards on student interests in choosing careers to become public accountants..