Inventory Information Systems of Health Equipment for the Need of Hospital Services

  • Meiryani, Jajat Sudrajat, Zaidi Mat Daud, Sani Muhammad Isa


The hospital is a health service institution that is social and financial in nature. In hospitals, medical devices are very important in supporting the company's operational activities, therefore medical devices must be managed properly, so a supply information system for medical devices is needed so that the management of medical devices runs well, so it does not occur. shortages or excess supply of medical devices that will affect the need for inpatient services. This research was conducted at Siloam Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia. The method used is descriptive analysis method. The results of the research done indicate that: (1) information system inventory of health equipment at Siloam Hospital, Jakarta, Indonesia is adequate, (2) the information system inventory of health equipment turned out to be instrumental to the needs of inpatient services at Siloam Hospital , Jakarta, Indonesia, (3) internal control of Siloam Hospital's inventory is still ineffective, because there are still standard operating procedures that are still not carried out properly in the control environment, which is caused by employee failure to follow procedures and employees who are not or not trained.