Leading Entrepreneur' Personality towards Entrepreneurial Intentions in Banking Sector through Religiosity in Indonesia: Moderating Role of Islamic Financing Knowledge

  • Ayi Ahadiat, Mahrinasari MS


It is well known that entrepreneurial characteristics such as passion, creativity, the role of knowledge, social skills and the power of risk-taking are very essential to become a successful entrepreneur and success of the companies. The given study has the primary aim to analyze the role of entrepreneurs' characteristics such as the role of creativity and autonomy on banking sector entrepreneurial intentions with the help of religiosity as a mediating variable and Islamic finance knowledge as a moderator. The data of the given study regarding characteristics and its impact on the banking sector has been collected from Indonesian banks and especially from Islamic banks. Almost 426 employees are there from whom the data is collected, out of 55% were male respondents and 45% were female respondents. The questionnaire distribution technique has been used for the data collection purpose. Some of the questionnaires also sent through email to get the responses. Besides this, under the analysis section most significant tests are applied such as SEM, CFA, KMO and descriptive analysis test for gender information. The results and tables of findings have provided the detail that the entrepreneur's characteristics have a positive impact on entrepreneurial intentions. At the same time, the moderator and mediator both have significant roles. In the end, some of the limitations have discussed to improve them in further researchers.