Can Shariah Business Rules Facilitate Entrepreneurs in Starting New Banks in Indonesia? Mediating Role of Islamic Financing Knowledge

  • Asfi Manzilati


As a rule, most of the companies either national or multinational obey the Islamic rules and regulations to deal with different problems and western legal philosophies and jurisprudence. The following study looks into the impact of Islamic shariah rules such as controlling, measurement, monitoring, and identification on entrepreneurial intentions in the banking sector of Indonesia while with the help of Islamic finance knowledge as a mediating variable. For this purpose, the data has been collected through almost 422 individuals, out of 188 were female employees and 234 were male. The percentage of male individuals while the data collection process was greater than female. The researcher has collected the data mainly from the banking sector of Indonesia. Moreover, the data were analyzed through a different test such as CFA, SEM, descriptive analysis, etc to get the reliable and valuable results. The findings have further shows that the shariah rules have a positive impact on banking entrepreneurial intentions in a significant way. At the same time, the results have explained that Islamic finance knowledge has a positive mediating role in the relationship b/w monitoring, measurement and identification with entrepreneurial intentions in the Indonesian banking sector. Finally, it has explained that the given study is applicable and beneficial for the banking sector, financial institutions, etc.