Understanding Religious Tolerance among Indonesian Muslim Students in the Digital Era

  • Ahmad Sultra Rustan


Studying the comprehension of religious tolerance among students is of great importance for the sustainability of group cohesion in the future. No matter the amount of research that has been done, there is an unfulfilled void between the unresolved points of perception.In fact, the younger generation does not yet have the capacity to clarify the solutions offered throughout the shortest time to come in people's lives.The perspective of this study is to analyse the relation amid tolerance attitude, supply chain management system, ethical values and religion intolerance with the mediation effect of cultural appreciation. The purpose of this analysis is to critically examine and inspect awareness in order to find the latest solutions to problems created by the outbursts of the new multifaceted conflicts.The results of this study suggest that students tend to rise their religious tolerance through understanding the nature of religious tolerance in Islamic teachings characterized in history by the Prophet Muhammad (Reconciliation Peace and blessings Him).Some other students are prejudice to religion as they are more likely to be religious solely with a legal-style philosophy that prefers only liberal or conservative alternatives over the facts.Such results show that students are usually able to understand good religious understanding during course of an investigation as they understand the real presence of Islam in different religious communities.