In Pursuit of Sufistic Values Depicted in Indonesian Pencak Silat: The case of Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood (PSHT)

  • Muhammad Sutoyo


Much empirical research has been carried out to investigate the cultural values depicted in Indonesian Pencak Silat. On the contrary, little attention has been directed to explore how Sufistic values are enacted in the Indonesian Pencak Silat. The study aimed to analyze the relation amid level of consciousness, supply chain management, awareness of personality principles and Indonesian martial arts with mediating effect of brotherhood. Given its importance, the present study was situated to unveil the Sufistic values depicted in one of Indonesian Pencak Silat organizations, that is, Setia Hati Terate Brotherhood (PSHT). Anchored under a grounded theory design, this study portrayed that several Sufistic values existed in PSHT organizations, such as Kapribaden Jejering (level of consciousness), Urip Jejering (life as a process), and Punjering Manembah (awareness of personality principles). Implications of this study are also discussed at the end of this paper.