Message to Mankind: Wise Attitude to Interpret Quran and its Discourse

  • Aksin Wijaya


The Quran, the holy book of Muslims, is rich of God’s message, but this richness vanishes when certain Muslims exclusively claim the right for interpretations of the Quran while considering others as unorthodox and heretical. To avoid such a claim, a wise attitude in interpreting the Quran is necessary. The study aimed to investigate the relationship between wise attitude, supply chain management, discourse and message to mankind with mediating effect of interpretation of Quran. Therefore, this paper deals with two aspects: the way God reveals His Messages to mankind; and the Quranic discourse itself. The first part is intended to locate the position of Prophet Muhammad vis-à-vis God, to whom Muslims are required to follow his steps and not to manipulate him. The second part is aimed at portraying the richness of Quranic meaning so that the exclusive and closed interpretations should not be tolerated. Therefore, discourse analysis will be employed in this discussion. In Quranic discourse, Prophet Muhammad is the passive communicant in the front of God as the active communicator. The prophet has duties to spread the messages of God, without going beyond nor manipulating it. The role of the Prophet in this sense should be imitated by Muslims when dealing with the Quran.