Mind-set Empowerment through Enforcement of Oriented Visions, Values, and Measurable Goals for Young Entrepreneurs

  • Joko Suryono, Mahendra Wijaya, Heru Irianto, Mohamad Harisudin


The study refers to the findings related to the mind-setempowerment by orienting at the areas of visions, values of life, and measurable goals in the process of social action that involves individual and organization in developing the MSMEs. The study aimed to examine the relationship amid mindset, vision, supply chain and empowerment for young entrepreneurs with mediating effect of value of life. Specifically, it aimed to signify the MSME development based on the empowerment of visions, values of life, and measurable goals through the individual and organizational concept. The study deployed a qualitative approach to analyze the existing phenomenon. The data source included the ninth generation of Sragen Business School (SBS) students. The data consisted of the participants’ visions, values of life, and measurable goals in performing their businesses based on their respective MSMEs. The findings implied that the participants had set up their visions, values of life, and measurable goals by referring to their parents, influential figures, the Regional Representatives Council Chair, as well as the Regent and Vice Regent, as an attempt to enforce their seriousness in performing their businesses. The participants perceived works as something to share with others, instead of for their own personal interests. The participants’ visions majorly aimed to become successful entrepreneurs that could share benefits to others and improve social welfare. The participants’ values of life majorly highlighted honesty, enthusiasm, and kindness. Meanwhile, the participants’ top three measurable goals majorly targeted to share their earnings for their religious matters through charity (2018), have outlets with more a remarkable amount of turnovers (2020), and add the number of their business branches (2025).