Post Genderism: Weighing a Future World Without Gender with the Islamic Law’s Philosophy

  • Iffatin Nur


The current developing assistive reproductive technology(ART) is believed to offer human reproduction without employing conventional methods which are sexualintercourse and artificial insemination. Study aimed to investigate the relationship between supply chain, humanity, and philosophy and post genderism in Islamic law with mediating effect of awareness. New technological inventions in human cloning, artificial wombs, and parthenogenesis may notablyly expand the potential breakthrough for human reproduction. Such advancement also brings new issues about the importance of gender in our future life including the raising phenomenon of post genderism. This paper tries to study the present post genderism movement and to contest it with the Islamic law’s philosophy. The study was qualitative research using content analysis. The results of the study show that post genderism contradicts to and is not in line with the philosophy of Islamic law, and a massive awareness about it must be disseminated wisely.