The Moderating Effect 0f Supply Chain Dynamic Capabilities on the Relationship of Sustainable Supply Chain Management Practices, Supply Chain Integration and Business Performance

  • Andi Sessu, Herman Sjahruddin, Adi Santoso


The aim of the current study is to examined the moderating effect of supply chain dynamic capabilities (SCDC) on the relationship of sustainable supply chain management (SSCM) practices, supply chain integration (SCI) and business performance (BP) in the restaurant industry of Indonesia. For this purpose, the self-administered questionnaires were distributed among 269 supply chain managers which yield a 78% response rate. The Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) has shown that both the exogenous variable namely, SSCM practices and SCI have a positive and significant direct effect on the BP of restaurant industry of Indonesia. Moreover, the indirect effect also shown that SCDC is positively and significantly moderates among the relationship of SSCM practices, SCI and BP. In this regards, these findings indicate that SCDC is an important moderating variable which could help to take improvement in the SSCM practices and SCI to improve the BP. These findings could add a body of literature in the empirical perspective which could help to increase the area of research in future.