The Moderating Effect of Green Supply Chain Management on the Relationship of Supply Chain Management Practices and Firm Performance of Pharmaceutical Industry in Indonesia

  • Acim Heri Iswanto, Ria Maria Theresa


The aim of the study is to examine the moderating effect of green supply chain management (GSCM) von the relationship of supply chain management practices (SCMP) and firm performance (FP) of Indonesia Pharmaceutical industry. The data was collected from the supply chain managers of the pharmaceutical industry of Indonesia. The structural model was run in two phases, one is the direct effect and other one is the indirect effect. The direct effect of the study has shown that SCMP have a positive and significant association with the FP. In the second process, the indirect effect of the study has also shown that GSCM are significantly moderates on the relationship of SCMP and FP. This shows that FP of the pharmaceutical industry is not only effected directly by the SCMP but also is being effected indirectly through the moderating variable. The findings of the study could also provide help to take contribution in the practical and theoretical perspective to enhance FP. The research might become a bases for the new research in the current specific area.