Teaching Student Understanding of Political Education based on the Gender in JAKARTA

  • Tjipto Sumadi


This study examines the differences in educating students towards the understanding of general election between new students (the 2016/2017 academic year) by gender in Jakarta. The participants of this study is the students in university in Jakarta. This study used quantitative research and SPSS assistance program to analyze the results and conduct a difference test (t test). The results showed, while theoretical, academic, and also psychological about the differences between women and men, there were no differences between female and male new students on the holding of the General Election of DKI Jakarta. The men saw slightly larger (57.75) while women were only (56.88). In addition, there is no difference in the significance level of the 95% difference in confidence intervals. This difference is caused by differences between male and female new students, which are very small (0.87), so they can be displayed and can be displayed no different.