Sharia Peer-to-Peer Lending For Small and Medium Enterprise

  • Serlika Aprita, Rio Adhitya


Financial Technology: Online lending bussiness is getting a bad perspective generated by the conflict of the default loan. Fintech disburse the loan easily to the unbanked small and medium enterprises (SME/UKM) with the very high of interest and without carryout the 5C principle in lending Does this fintech have some particular pattern in giving the interest rate and the mitigation which brings no conflict? While in this Age of Disruptive Era 4.0, peer to peer lending is like the most favourite product in borrowing money instead of waiting for the bank services which is have less priority to the SME, have rigid and complex rules by the regulator.

This article is going to disscuss the rule of Financial Techology: Peer to Peer Lending for SME in a safe and halal ways.