The Love of Money and Religiosity Relationship to Ethics in Young Entrepreneurs: A Hadith Perspective

  • Zulfahmi Alwi, Rika Dwi Ayu Parmitasari, Alim Syariati


Young entrepreneurs face a constant tug-of-war between pursuing an entrepreneurial agenda, profit-seeking behavior, and ethical issues. Quantitatively, this study was the first to investigate the behavior of young entrepreneurs in terms of their love of money, religiosity, and ethical perceptions by adopting the hadith perspective upon developing the scales of all constructs. The respondents were 261 members of the Indonesian Young Entrepreneur Association in Sulawesi Selatan, Indonesia. This study also examined gender as the moderating variable. This study found that the love of money affects ethical perception negatively; on the other hand, religiosity positively affected ethics. Gender is found to moderate religiosity, but not love of money. These results signify the harmful problem of loving money too much upon young entrepreneurs’ ethics; furthermore, the scales developed from hadith revelation were able to capture the empirical findings significantly.