Investigation Of The Factors Affecting Subjective Well Being And Its Impact On Employee Performance In Indonesia: An Application Of Psychosocial Approach

  • Deden Komar Priatna, Winna Roswinna, Jumadil Saputra


As the World Health Organization plan in 2020, is to eradicate polio globally, Indonesia is one of the countries that support this, with a program called polio eradication. Life science companies in Indonesia revealed that the company's profit had decreased significantly because of the program. In order to survive in a competitive environment, the company must be able to follow the pattern of change. Organizational culture naturally depends on the market situation and needs to adapt to it in order to survive or to maintain its competitive position. The suitability of the individual with the organizational culture will affect the satisfaction of individual work, organizational commitment, well being, work stress, performance, turn over. Due to organizational culture change in life science company brings about problems in balancing in work and family life of the employee. This work-life balance concept has not yet received special attention in Indonesia. An employee with higher subjective well being tends to be more productive in the workplace and also predicted organizational performance.  This study examines the effect of person-organization fit and work-life balance on subjective well being and its impact on employee performance of 460 employees at a life science company in Indonesia. We used the work-life balance questionnaire from Fisher (2009). Subjective well-being measures compiled by Ed Diener and Robert Biswas-Diener (2009). A person organization fit questionnaire was made based on Kristof Brown (2011). Employee performance measure by competency questionnaire. Validity and reliability of questionnaire measure by CFA and Statistical analysis using SEM. Result of this research is person-organization fit, work-life balance affects subjective well being and performance on employees of life science company in Indonesia; person-organization fit and work-life balance affect subjective well-being employees, person-organization fit and work-life balance affect the performance of employees, and subjective well being influential in the performance of employees.