Does A Learning Management System Enhance University Branding Due To Student Satisfaction And Performance

  • Eddy Soeryanto Soegoto, Umi Narimawati, Jumadil Saputra


This study aims to determine the effect of Learning Management System (LMS) on student satisfaction and performance and how LMS ultimately can strengthen the branding of a university. Case studies were conducted at one of private universities in Bandung. The research used quantitative method with qualitative approach. Path analysis was carried out to analyze questionnaire data. Interviews and literature studies were carried out to support the research data. The research model adapted the theory of DeLone and Mc Lean to analyze the success of LMS to leverage university branding as shown by the satisfaction and performance of students as LMS users. The research result indicated that LMS significantly strengthen university branding through the increase of student satisfaction and performance. LMS as a means of reforming higher education towards digitalization is able to answer the demands of students as university stake holders to create a more effective teaching and learning process. This research is expected to contribute to providing input on the development of the LMS system as a part of digital university branding as a source of competitive advantage.