The Existence of Acehnese Figures In Reinforcing Peace Based On Memorandum Of Understanding Of Aceh - Helsinki

  • Wirduna, Saifuddin, Sanusi, Jumadil Saputra, Ramli, Zikri Muhammad, Mursyidin, Akhyar


This study aims to investigate the contribution of Aceh figures in the peace reinforcement in Aceh after the signing of the memorandum of understanding between The Government of Indonesia (GoI) and the Free Aceh Movement (GAM). They are consisting of women figures, religious leaders, indigenous community leaders, press figures, academic, and political figures. The data were collected by using the interview and documentary techniques with six figures of Aceh. The results of this study concluded that the contribution of the figures in strengthening peace conducted with guarding the peace between GoI and GAM; by the establishment of regulation from memorandum of understanding and ensuring the implementation of the results of the peace agreement. Further, maintaining the national unity by improving the knowledge and enlightenment mutual respect, appreciation, and tolerance among citizens and preventing the frictions, which can be a potential conflict in the community. Also, building the independence and sovereignty which can motivate people to increase their work ethics as well as to provide a large number of employment, instilling the nationalism by integrating the sense of belonging and pride toward the nation as the greatest gift for the citizens, and fostering the patriotism by involving actively people in defense activities.