Forming Student Readiness to Management of Independent Educational Activity of Pupils

  • Dinara Yeshenkulova, Barshagul Kassimbekova, Serik Каstayev, Gulnar Muratbaeva, Ulzharkyn Аbdigapbarova, Gulnar Mussabekova


The modernization of the education system, taking place in Kazakhstan today, is connected with the renewal of its goals. New targets in the system of secondary (full) general education prioritize the development of pupils’ independence and ability to self-organization, including in educational activities. The State program for the development of education of the Republic of Kazakhstan 2011-2020, as one of the conditions for improving the quality of secondary (full) general education, identifies the experience of independent activity of pupils, the formation of the pupil’s competences in various aspects of life and in independent educational activity. Such target setting is based on the recognition of the following principles: the pupil acquires knowledge only in the process of personal independent educational activity; independent educational activity allows to include schoolchildren in the process of creative and conscious digestion of knowledge, skills and abilities, contributes to intellectual development; the State standard for general secondary education suggests the sufficiently high degree of formation at pupils of the skills to perform independent educational activities; the modern stage of Kazakhstan’s economy development, growth of competition, reduction of unskilled labor, changes in employment sphere determine the demand for specialists who are ready for self-education in the field of their professional activity. Taking into account the role of independent educational activities of pupils in improving the quality of general education, as well as new attitudes in training within the framework of the emerging new Kazakh educational policy and the objective difficulties of organization of independent educational activities of pupils, the teacher training in aspect of this activity should be identified as the separate problem not only in practical, but also in theoretical terms.  The starting point of the research was the analysis of the effectiveness of the existing teacher training to management of the independent educational activities of pupils at the pedagogical university. The analysis was carried out on the base of the Abai Kazakh National Pedagogical University and “Syrdariya” University. It was revealed that the training of future teachers to management of the independent educational activities of pupils at the pedagogical university did not meet the new social requirements of the developing system of general education.