Development of Readiness of Future Preschool Teachers to Innivative Activity

  • Laura Taytelieva, Aigul Iskakova, Saira Zhienbaeva, Rosa Nabuova, Aiymkul Balabaeva


One of the important components of professional competence of teachers today is their involvement in innovation. In pedagogical science innovative activity is defined as purposeful pedagogical activity based on understanding of own pedagogical experience by means of comparison and studying, change and development of educational process for the purpose of achievement of higher results, receiving new knowledge, introduction of qualitatively other pedagogical practice. The relevance of our article is determined by the society's order for a creative teacher with a high level of readiness for innovative pedagogical activity, the need to develop a holistic system of improving readiness for innovative activity. The system-forming factor of readiness of the teacher for innovative activity is the need for transformation, improvement of pedagogical activity through innovative technologies of education.