Methodological Features of Formation of Functional Literacy at Younger Schoolchildren

  • Salima S. Seitenova, Makpal Zhazykova, Akmaral S.Abil., Gulmira Zhumaliyeva, Guliya Yertukeshova, Aliya B.Akasheva


The article deals with the issues of formation of functional literacy of primary school pupils (on the example of one school) as an indicator of the level of mastery of competences necessary in education. The authors research methodological peculiarities of the development of the ability of teachers and pupils to conduct the joint search for solutions of the current problems and solve modern tasks in real life situations, which determines the practical and theoretical significance of the research. The main functional qualities of the personality of pupils are initiative, ability to think creatively and find non-standard solutions in the context of solving this strategically important task for the country.