Transformation of Family Norms in Modern Literature of Kazakhstan

  • Dina A. Sabirova, Saule D. Abisheva, Zinaida N. Polyak, Dina M. Polyak, Karligash B. Kubdasheva


In the modern literature of Kazakhstan, the family theme has a compound development. It aims to reflect all the pressing problems associated with the institution of the family. Discord in the family, betrayal as unfaithfulness, the negative impact on children of conflicts between adults – all these problems of the modern family are reflected in the literature. Especially in the women's novel, the trend of mastering such a phenomenon of our society as polygamy is becoming more and more popular. The problems of relations between tokal (the second wife) and baibishe (the first wife), the reasons for men's infidelity and their frequent desire to create a second family are the subject of artistic interpretation in modern Kazakh prose.