Level of Metacognition Development of University Students in the Process of Studying of Psychological and Pedagogical Disciplines

  • Anar S. Popandopulo, Murshida Y. Nurgaliyeva, Botagoz A. Nurmagambetova, Dariya B. Abykenova


The article is devoted to studying the level of metacognition development among university students. The results of thesis research of the level of metacognition development of university students in the process of psychological and pedagogical disciplines study are presented.

Theoretical justification of the metacognition notion is given in this work. The analysis of domestic and foreign sources for metacognition researches is conducted. The level of metacognition development among students of specialty "Education" was analyzed and the results of the research were interpreted. Metacognitive characteristics of the personality, metacognitive behaviour, as well as types of reflection and metacognitive inclusion and awareness in educational activities are practically considered.