Entrepreneurs as Representatives of the New Middle Class of Kazakhstan

  • Elmira S. Otar, Rinat S. Salikzhanov, Aigul S. Akhmetova, Assel A. Issakhanova, Gani B. Madyarbekov


The authors in the article presented the origins of the emergence of the middle class in Kazakhstan and the theoretical foundations of the analysis of the parameters of the social group. The middle class is characterized by such social characteristics as the desire to receive a prestigious education and investing in children's education, and an increased interest in acquiring additional skills. The vast majority of respondents consider their income level to be consistent with middle-class income.

A significant part of the middle class are entrepreneurs in Kazakhstan. They, as representatives of the “new middle class”, are intellectually more mobile, receptive to new ideas and views. Modern entrepreneurs are a wealthy part of society, they have personal economic independence and freedom of choice in their field of activity.

In general, high quality and modern lifestyle, satisfaction with the present, confidence in the future form the basis of the interest of the middle class in maintaining the existing social order, and thus the middle class serves as the social stabilizer of society.