Scientific and Methodological Basis of Practice-Oriented Training of Students-Biologists in the Context of Modernization of Higher Education

  • Aiman Nurgaliyeva, Jumadil Childibayev, Sergey Sumatohin, Aigul Uteshkaliyeva


This article is devoted to the problem of practice-oriented professional training of biology students in the context of modernization of higher education through the use of a set of professionally-oriented technologies, forms and methods of teaching that contribute to the formation of not only universal and professional competencies, but also the ability to reflect and professional self-actualization. The article presents a structural and functional model of practice-oriented professional training of future teachers, including target, theoretical-methodological, content and technological, evaluation blocks of professional training of future teachers. The effectiveness of the process of practice-oriented training of future teachers is determined by increasing the levels of their professional readiness according to the following criteria: motivational as a meaning-forming set of motives for professional activity (professional orientation, satisfaction with the profession); cognitive as a basis for the formation of special, methodological, psychological and pedagogical competencies (professional training, pedagogical thinking); personal as a teacher's readiness to form personally significant qualities, ways of personal self-expression and self-development (professional intentions, reflexivity).