Integrative Teaching Chemistry at the Professional College of the Republic Kazakhstan

  • Gulshat T. Mustapaeva, Zhanar K. Korganbayeva, Zhenis A. Shokybaev


The article discusses the experience of students of Kazakhstani colleges in integrated chemistry education. There is a contradiction between the objective necessity of providing multilateral natural-science training for students of technical colleges and the relatively narrow focus of the learning process in these educational institutions, which is complicated by the objectively existing specifics of each of the main natural-science subjects.

The scientific novelty of the work is to develop an integrated chemistry course as a general educational discipline. It is established that an integrated chemistry course for students of a technical college helps to improve the quality of knowledge in the subject, the resulting quality of learning and the effectiveness of training.

The results of studies to establish the features of an integrated chemistry course, as well as methodological recommendations aimed at increasing the effectiveness of studying chemistry as a general discipline in a technical college, can be used to develop a chemistry course and methods of studying it in other TVE institutions.