Genesis of Multicultural Education in the Republic of Kazakhstan

  • Gulmira Mailybaeva, Sholpan Janzakova, Zhadra Zhexembayeva, Aigerim Seitbattalova, Dilyara Sarsekulova


The article contains the results of study on development of multicultural education in Kazakhstan. The problem formulation of multiculturalism development is associated with the growth of integration processes in Kazakhstan and is one of the basic socio-political factors in development of multicultural education, as a very important factor for integration of the Republic into the European and world educational and socio-cultural space, while maintaining its nationwide uniformity.

Integration processes also contribute to transformation of country into a multilingual space in which all national languages ​​have the same rights. In this regard, genesis of the language policy in the Republic was analyzed, since the multiethnicity of the Republic population is also reflected in preferences of language orientation of citizens. Nowadays, possession of the national language, which functions in country as a priority, is highly relevant. And this problem, besides many facets (ethno-political, social, etc.), also acquires a moral plane.

Along with this, the problems of saving the national, cultural component are intensifying, this is especially strongly revealed in representation of multicultural education in the emerging (developing) states.