Kazakh Folk Pedagogy as the Basis for the Formation of the Personality of Boys

  • Gulshat Кulabekova, Yenilkhan Kozybayev, Zhanat Sarybekova, Aigul Kurmanbekova, Talgatbek Ayazbaev


In this article, special attention is paid to the problems of folk pedagogy, the traditions of family education, and the specifics of  boys ' education based on Kazakh folk pedagogy. In modern conditions, folk traditions are developed, improved and enriched. This is the manifestation of folk pedagogy in action, in life. The people have always sought to instill in the younger generation a love of the Motherland, truthfulness, honesty, modesty, a sense of duty and camaraderie.

Studying the moral and spiritual traditions and life philosophy of the Kazakh family, we can conclude that the national code of education of the Kazakhs puts service to the people, their country, small and large Homeland at the forefront.

The article analyzes the state of research on boys 'education and reveals effective ways, methods and techniques of boys' education based on the Kazakh national pedagogy. The article also reveals the influence of Kazakh folk pedagogy on the social and moral education of boys. Definitions of the concepts "folk pedagogy", "education of a boy", "Kazakh military tradition"are given.