Pedagogical bases of Communicative Adaptation of Kazakh Diaspora’s Students to Higher Education Institutions

  • Azhar Kazhgaliyeva, Gulnar Chinibayeva, Bulat Ayapbergenov, Kurmangazy Zhedelov, Aiman Berikkhanova


The scientific article is a pedagogical study of educational process for foreign students of Kazakh Diaspora studying at the higher education institutions, and problems that arise during their communicative adaptation. The article considers issue of teaching Russian to foreign students as a foreign language, mastering Kazakh language as a means of communication and educational and cognitive activity. Foreign students who are in Kazakh Diaspora initially experience difficulties in adapting to the educational process at the University. To avoid these barriers, it is necessary to take into account the communicative features of foreign students who are members of Kazakh Diaspora in modern education system. The study of this problem as a topic for our scientific article is due to fact that foreign students study with tasks that are equally covered by students who studied in the educational program of the state University. In this area, scientific research has been conducted on need for innovative technologies, their advantages and directions.