On the Need of Developing Research Competencies of Students Planning Startups

  • Maiya S. Kayumova, Saule K. Xembayeva, Nataliia I. Fominykh, Nelli E. Pfeifer


This article presents the relevance of entrepreneurial education for young people. In the State program of education and science development of the Republic of Kazakhstan for 2020-2025, one of the priority directions of the education system of Kazakhstan is entrepreneurial education. Taking into account the fact that the subject of the thesis is research competencies. This article considers the importance of forming research competencies of those who plan to engage in startups. To implement the goal of this research, the authors have developed a sociological survey, which was conducted online. The results of this survey were used in the practical part of the research. The practical significance of the survey lies in the fact that the main difficulties of students in the process of planning startups, which arise due to insufficiently formed research competencies, have been identified. The solution to the identified problem is short-term courses for students, regardless of their educational programs. The content of these courses allows students to obtain the required competencies, which in the future will eliminate difficulties in planning their own startups.