The Role of Classical Literature in the Formation of a Personality’s Worldview

  • Aigul Ismakova, Gulzyia Pirali, Bibizhan Begmanova, Bekzada Kozhekeyeva, Aisulu Oisylbai


The article describes the role of reading classical literature in the spiritual space of modern man. The features of the state of reading in the conditions of social changes are analyzed; the main functions of fiction contributing to the formation of the worldview of the individual are highlighted.

This article analyzes the features of the state of reading in the conditions of social changes in Kazakhstan. Using structurally functional and valuable approaches to research of the designated problem, the author represents reading as one of highlights in difficult process of socialization. The purpose of research consists in judgment of a role of classical literature reading in spiritual space of a person. To achieve this goal, we analyzed the features of the current state of reading, including overseas ones. Besides, we highlighted the basic functions of classical literature promoting the formation of personal outlook: cognitive, educational, communicative, esthetic, creative. As the basic variant of a problem solution we offer the system approach including the necessity of the educational humanization, library reorganization on a principle of open access, state financing of children′s library rooms, etc. The ideas we develop in this article upon a fiction role in a humanitarian worldview formation allow to rethink the tendencies and prospects of process of reading in Kazakhstan.