Formation of Future Teachers-Psychologists’ Competence to the Adaptation in their Professional Activity

  • Gulnara M. Ismailova, Assel K. Yessentayeva, Gulbakhyt Z. Menlibekova, Nurgul U. Begaliyeva, Zhanna G. Zhakiyanova


Represented article is devoted to the problem of formation of future teacher-psychologists’ competence to the adaptation in their professional activity. In the course of writing the article, the essence of professional activity of a teacher-psychologist was revealed. The content of professional activity of a teacher-psychologist, as an integral professional and personal property, is characterized by prosocial activity of a specialist and is determined by his readiness and ability to perform his professional duties and is based on professional competencies. Сomponents of professional training of a teacher-psychologist can be identified as: special training, training for communication, individual and personal training. The content components of professional training are: motivational, gnostic, procedural and evaluative-reflexive The pedagogical conditions and structural-content model of professional training of a teacher-psychologist were proposed and implemented in the practice of the University. A comprehensive diagnostic tool for assessing the level of professional training of a teacher-psychologist was developed and tested. In addition, a special course "Professional training of a teacher-psychologist" was introduced, methodological recommendations for organizing and conducting classes, practice, extracurricular work with students were offered.