The Development of Research Competence Through Digital Resources

  • Aleftina Golovchun, Galiya Zhumabekova, Anar Turlybekova, Enipa Muktarova, Abay Zhusupbekov


We hope to believe that our research makes a certain theoretical and practical contribution to the development of a research competence in future foreign language teacher. We offered a definition of the research competence of future foreign language teachers as a complex and multifaceted concept that had not received the detailed consideration in the existing literature before. We have studied and identified abilities comprising the core of the research competence. The principles of the educational process aimed at the development of research competence of the above mentioned students have been highlighted. The model of future foreign language teachers’ research competence development has been constructed; a system of tasks based on digital resources has been suggested and experimental work was provided to show the efficiency of the model designed.