Formation of the Basics of Health-Saving Competence in Children of Senior Preschool Age

  • Gulmira Demesheva, Aichorok Kaldybaeva, Akmaral Mukhanbetzhanova, Marianna Sydykbekova, Nazira Naimanova


The article is devoted to the study of development issues, the formation of the basics of health-saving competence in children of senior preschool age. Due to the fact that the issues of forming the basics of health-saving competence in senior  preschool children in the Kazakh academic community is studied extremely poorly and is not specifically allocated, the authors based on the analysis of the structure and content of the concept of “health science” generalized theoretical provisions on the nature of health-saving competence of researchers from far and near abroad.

The results of the study will increase awareness of the effectiveness of the development of the formation of the foundations of health-saving competency in senior preschool children among the academic community and the Kazakh society as a whole, can serve as the basis for further theoretical research in the field of studying the formation of health-saving competence in senior preschool children.