Preparation of the Future Pedagogue-Psychologist for Innovative Activities in the Entrepreneurial Educational Environment of the University

  • Saniya Zh. Bekzhanova, Negmatzhan Sh. Almetov, Sadybek K. Beisenbayev, Medeubek Z. Tanirbergenov, Laura M. Umralieva


The article discusses the problem of preparing students - future pedagogues-psychologists for innovative and educational activities in the entrepreneurial  educational environment of non-state schools and training centers for further education. It is emphasized that an entrepreneurial university creates new conditions and opportunities for training personnel capable of performing their basic professional functions with a focus on innovative entrepreneurial activity in educational organizations. It is noted that today the training of school psychologists should be aimed at developing entrepreneurial qualities, on the one hand, and at the psychological and pedagogical support of innovative educational, entrepreneurial activity at school, in training centers. In Kazakhstan, the number of private comprehensive schools is increasing, and training centers for further education have already firmly entered the market of educational services. State comprehensive schools, traditionally “far” from entrepreneurial activity, already noticeably feel the influence of market relations, especially in connection with innovations in education, in particular with the transition to per capita financing. The study examines the approaches and methods of preparing future school psychologists for the psychological and pedagogical support of innovative and educational entrepreneurial activities in organizations of general and additional general education. Using the methods of scientific and pedagogical research, the possibilities of an entrepreneurial university in the formation of the readiness of future pedagogues-psychologists to perform professional functions in an entrepreneurial innovative and educational environment are analyzed. The experience of the work of school psychologists in the psychological and pedagogical support of innovative and educational entrepreneurial activities is analyzed, the modeling of which reflects the content and preparation process of students - future pedagogues-psychologists.