Theoretical and Methodological Basis for the Prevention of Deviant Behavior of Adolescents

  • Gulzina Bayaliyeva, Turarkhan Zhundybayeva, Yücel Gelişli, Aigerim Kosherbayeva


This article is devoted to one of the most difficult issues of pedagogy, the problem of prevention of deviant behavior of adolescents. During the analysis of psychological and pedagogical literature, we came to the conclusion that “deviant behavior of adolescents” is actions that do not correspond to the legal and moral norms established in this society, due to the deformation of their mental, physical and social health. In modern pedagogy, the point of view has been established that the adolescent develops under the influence of two factors: heredity (innate instincts, drives, abilities) and under the influence of the social and natural environment. However, these factors do not affect the most important of the pedagogical conditions that the teenager receives due to heredity and the influence of the environment, eventually refracted through some method of activity. Therefore, the developed model of pedagogical prevention of deviant behavior of adolescents is a holistic system, which is based on the integration processes of environmental influence and heredity, pedagogical conditions for working with adolescents, reference groups and parents.