Influence of East Fighting Style on Current Young People From the Position of Contemporary Pedagogical Science

  • Kopzhasar D.Baetov, Serik B.Aknazarov, Onalbek K. Duisenov, Alpamys I. Altynbekov, Zhakypbek A. Kasymbekov, Bagdat M. Baimukhanbetov


The purpose of this study is to identify individual elements of Eastern contact martial arts on the example of martial arts from the position of not only physical influence on young people, but also from the position of pedagogical, psychological and cultural influence with the definition and gradation of the formation of morale, confidence, determination, resilience, calmness and stress resistance in emergency crisis situations. All of the above is quite a positive influence factor that will allow, when properly considered, to form a strong confident society of specialists who are ready for progressive changes and do not relax under labor loads. Such a society is a factor in the rapid development of the Republic of Kazakhstan, whose society would be formed from strong citizens not just in body, but also in spirit.