History of Formation of Lyceums and Gymnasiums in Kazakhstan and Peculiarities of their Educational Activities

  • Abishev N.A., Abirov D.A., Utegenov Ye.K., Ussenova A.K, Menlibekova G.Zh


This article discusses historical tendencies of development in Kazakhstan of such educational institutions as gymnasiums and lyceums. At the same time, it is carried out the detailed theoretical analysis of literary sources which reveal the peculiarities of the formation of the structure on functioning of these educational institutions. There was given the analysis of tendencies according to which the innovative educational programmes are being introduced in the education system. The detailed analysis of the empirical introduction of the special course for bachelors is provided. On the basis of the obtained data, the article describes recommendations, aimed at transforming the educational system in order to deepen the study by students of the historical-pedagogical peculiarities of development of educational institutions.

The relevance of this study lies in the systematic improvement of the forms and methods of school management for the creation and development of gymnasiums and lyceums, which allow to use various methods of management, including economic, social-psychological, organizational-pedagogical (in the system of the latter, the special role is played by organizational models of school management), to model the processes in general, to develop operational models of management in separate links of educational-educative work.