The Development of Classroom Climate Study in Indonesia (A Historical Perspective)

  • Hadiyanto, A. Komariah, G. Kusumastuti, A. Priatna, I.E Khuluqo


Improving the micro-scale education quality through classroom climate improvement can be conducted, either by the teacher or school principal according to the each capacity. These efforts have been widely implemented abroad. Nevertheless, it is still rare in Indonesia because of the lack of adequate instruments or measurement tools, or even the lack of teacher capacity and principals in conducting the improvement. In America or Australia, classroom climate improvement has become an integral part of the learning process and the education process in schools. In Indonesia, the improvements need to be pursued in order to become a good habit. The author has started that effort by developing standardized, valid and reliable classroom climate instruments starting from primary education, secondary and higher education. The instruments have been used for classroom action research in order to improve the classroom climate. These efforts still need to be strengthened and disseminated to education providers, teachers and school principal to stimulate them and other researchers to use the classroom climate instrument in order to improve the learning and education quality in schools.