The Implementation of Appraisal in Expressing Condolence Attitude Stated by Indonesian Toward Prof. B.J. Habibie on Electronic Media

  • Liesna Andriany, Sutikno, Nuzwaty, Risnawaty


Appraisal is the assesment from the theory of  Systemic Functional Linguistic (SFL) that only focuses on the meaning of interpersonal. Theoritically, both judgment and attitude towards something stated by someone could be investigated from the interpersonal utterances that implemented. Due this phenomena, this study aims to examine people's attitudes towards Prof. B.J. The ground theory used to analyze SFL and semantic theories. To achieve the objective of the research,  qualitative method with content analysis was applied. Then, objects of research consisted of electronic-based text on social media, namely Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. The results showed that there were tendency of using attitude patterns in texts on electronic-based social media, namely; the attitude of affect, judgment, and appreciation that realized through kinds of lexis, such as; sad, lost, mourning. In addition, the positive assessment also occured dominantly in which it was realized through kind of lexis that describes inspiration, kindness, role models, great, protective, contributing, best figure of Indonesian, father of technology. The tendency to use this attitude is absolutely because Prof. B.J. Habibie is recognized as the 3rd president of the Republic of Indonesia with higher intelligence that make him become well known figure not only  in Indonesia but also in the world. Therefore, appraisal of this attitude was influenced by the exemplary attitude shown by Prof. B.J. Habibie to his family, to his country, and his passion as scientist.