Cultural Values in Tembang Batanghari Sembilan In Semende Society Of Ogan Komering Ulu Selatan District

  • Yanti Sariasih, Fathiaty Murtadho, Zainal Rafli


Tembang (song) “Batanghari Sembilan” is an oral literature in the form of pantun (rhyme) that has been being applied near the river (batang; in the local language) to Musi River in South Sumatra. The research was conducted in Ulu Danau Village, Tanjung Buang, and Village Pulau Beringin in the district of South Ogan Komering Ulu (OKU) by applying the ethnography method and qualitative method. The result of the research shows that the pantun (rhyme) in “Tembang Batanghari  Sembilan” in Semende Society is similar to the pantun (rhyme) generally, that the rhyme patterns are ab-ab or aa-aa, one stanza consists of four lines, every line consists four until six syllables, first line and the second line is Leliwean (opening), tye third and the fourth line is the content. In the show of Batanghari Sembilan Song occurred the repetition of words as the stress. The genre of “Tembang Batanghari Sembilan” Song in Semende society is sadness and advice. The Cultural values are family value, Tunggu Tubang Value, Social wisdom to nature.