Reading Interest And Reading Comprehension

A Correlational Study in Syarif Hidayatullah State Islamic University, Jakarta

  • Ratna Sari Dewi, Fahrurrozi, Uswatun Hasanah, Apri Wahyudi


Reading comprehension is an activity to find meaning or message from the writer through the text they read. This research seeks to know the relationship between reading interest and reading comprehension. There were 38 students are engaged in this study as respondents who selected by using simple random sampling technique. The respondents are the students who have been doing reading class in second semester. Regression statistical technique and correlation are used to analyze the data. The result shows that there is a positive correlation between reading interest and reading comprehension. The level of their reading comprehension is determined by high or low of their reading interest. Based on the findings, reading interest that categorized as “very high” is found in creative reading comprehension group. This finding shows that the more students do reading, the easier they comprehend the meaning of what they read, both explicitly and implicitly. The result of the research can be one of considerations to the readers, especially for education practitioners in term of improving students’ reading comprehension.