Transformative Islamic Education of Convert Chinese Muslim

  • Eni Purwati, Evi Fatimatur Rusydiyah


The transformative Islamic education held in the internal of the Association of Chinese Muslim (PITI) Yogyakarta goes quite well and contributes positively. This research is a qualitative-descriptive study with a social phenomenological approach. Using the theory of transformative Islamic education in analyzing the data, this study found that Association of Chinese Muslim (PITI) Yogyakarta has contributed greatly in creating a more positive and conducive atmosphere, especially for the Chinese Muslims covert, who want to further know Islam, the locality of Nusantara, the value and culture of Chinese that compatible. Secondly, Chinese Muslims in general and  Association of Chinese Muslim (PITI) Yogyakarta in particular have managed to make Islam as an early foundation to participate further in various parts of life such as social, cultural, economic and political, so that their achievements and contributions are recorded clearly. Lastly, the Islamic values taught in Chinese Muslim Coverts, on the one hand, can be practiced, but on the other hand, it is difficult to practice. Some Chinese Muslim coverts more comfortably become fully Muslims and choose a little away from things that identical with their primordial identity as Chinese.