The Oligarchic Politic of Chinese Indonesians in Lampung

  • Arsyad Sobby Kesuma, Aris Risdiana, Reza Bakhtiar Ramadhan, Imam Nawawi


The oligarchic politic in Lampung Province is controlled by Chinese Indonesians. The oligarch group's business interests are combined with political power at the government level. So that the dominance of Chinese Indonesians in many sectors of life is very apparent, ranging from access to quality education, ownership of luxury facilities, land ownership, privatization of tourist destination objects, to local government policies related to the Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs sector). This literature study used a qualitative approach with a political sociology approach. This study found that political practices in Lampung province were controlled by Chinese Indonesian oligarchist groups. International class higher education institutions can only be accessed by Chinese Indonesians. Chinese Indonesians politicians have assets in the form of luxurious living facilities, which keep social inequalities from non-Chinese Indonesians. These Chinese Indonesians control vacant land and productive land which are far greater than the natives. Furthermore, the national program in the form of increasing the number of foreign and domestic tourists pushed tourist objects/destinations in Lampung Province to be privatized by Chinese Indonesians, while the development funds are taken from the APBD. Finally, the Regional Government is not able to make regulation in favor of practitioners of Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises, which in reality they are miserable under the market system created by Chinese Indonesians.