Communication Model of Line’s Account Managers in Managing Consumers

  • Anna Gustina Zainal, Toni Wijaya, Andy Corry Wardhani


Each social media account created by users has its own purpose and meaning,. That is to attract the sympathy of the audience, Just like in real world, humans can not live without socializing and interact each other. This research was designed to find out the communication model of social media account managers in managing consumers. This study used an interactional communication model with qualitative descriptive method. The results showed that the communication model used to manage the “chat relationship” account is the interactional communication model.This model had used because followers have different back backgrounds, knowledges, experiences, and cultures that affect each person in interpreting message. There are many factors as key success to running an online-based business through social media “relationships chat” account in order to increase followers loyalty in accordance with the strategy adopted by the account managers. Several management strategies had been applied such as a presentation to the audience, audience segmentation, consistency in providing entertainment to the audience, consistency of the characteristics and features needed, constantly looking for the latest entertainment innovations, communicating directly with consumers to support activities, and creating cooperation between account managers are being the key success to gained sympathy and loyalty from followers.