A Comparison Of Tourism Sectors In East Java In Facing Spending Shock Of Domestic And Foreign Tourists

  • Ignatia Martha Hendrati, Imam Mukhlis, Hary Soegiri, Fifi Ulid Khoiro Taufiqo


The tourism plays an important role in the development of region economic potential. East Java has a lot of unique natural, cultural and religious attractions. It attracts domestic and foreign tourists. This study aims to analyze the linkage, the dispersion and impact of output changes of East Java Tourism. This study used a quantitative analysis by mapping and comparing input-output of 11 sectors of East Java Tourism between 2010 and 2015. The result of linkage analysis showed that the land transportation sector consistently has a high forward and backward linkage index. The result of dispersion index analysis showed that the entertainment, arts and recreation services were the key tourism sectors. The simulation results in the form of domestic and foreign tourist expenditure showed a significant impact on increasing output. In conclusion, the tourism sector became one of the priority sectors in driving economic growth and poverty alleviation in East Java.