Types and Methods of Promoting and Developing Culture on the World Stage among the Countries of the USA, Europe and Asia

  • Gaukhar Tasbergenova , Galiya Begembetova , Arman Zhudebayev , Marlena Kokisheva , Danara Mussakhan


Thanks to communication technologies, culture is currently turning into geoculture and is
beginning to play an increasingly significant role in the strategic policy of states. The
impossibility of carrying out large wars to redistribute spheres of influence makes us turn to
other methods of expanding the influence of the state in the world. Here, economic and cultural
factors become decisive, and economic achievements, for all their evidence, often have a much
lesser impact on people's consciousness, on their way of thinking than cultural ones. The most
obvious example of this is the triumphal march around the world of American culture in all its
manifestations, leading to the imitation of samples of this culture in countries of the world with
completely different cultural traditions.